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The story of Beograd Sports and Social Club of Adelaide began in 1949 when a group of Yugoslav (mostly Serbs) immigrants - political refugees, amongst them many soccer players and enthusiasts, who arrived in this country from various displaced persons camps of Western Europe and Middle East and settled in Adelaide, working in all kinds of industries and in accordance with the terms of two year contracts that most had with the Commonwealth Government.

It did not take long before people started getting together for a drink or two and discussing many subjects including sports. When it was suggested to form a soccer team to take part in the local competition, the idea was enthusiastically supported by a relatively large majority.

That was the beginning of an era in which many other ethnic groups followed.

                                                                                                          - Peter Nikolich

Founding Members

lija Ilic
Co-founder of Beograd Sports and Social Club

A former royal Yugoslav army officer who chose Australia as his new home, arrived in 1949 and with Danilo Cukic worked tirelessly to establish a soccer club in South Australia. He soon mobilised many people to work towards setting up a soccer club in Adelaide. Ilija was the foundation president of the club and became known as the father of Beograd Sports and Social Club.

Danilo Cukic
Co-founder of Beograd Sports and Social Club

A law graduate from Yugoslavia. He arrived in Australia in 1949 and with Ilija Ilic launched a campaign for support to set up a soccer club in Adelaide. When the club was formed in November 1949, Cukic was the obvious choice for the club's foundation secretary.

Vasilije Kekovic
Foundation member of Beograd Sports and Social Club

A former royal Yugoslav army officer arrived in Adelaide in 1948. An active participant with Danilo Cukic and Ilija Ilic in organising inaugural meeting to form Beograd Sports and Social Club. He was elected chairman of the first internal auditing committee. The position he held until his departure for Western Australia.

Dusan Naumovic
Foundation member of Beograd Sports and Social Club

A former officer in the royal Yugoslav army arrived in Australia in 1949 and settled in Adelaide. Very influential personality in the Serbian-Adelaide community. At the inaugural meeting he became member of the committee and in 1951 he was elected president of the club. He was also a secretary of the club on several occasions.

Frank Mitchell
Longest serving official, "Mr Beograd"

Frank became part of the club occasionally training at Woodville West Reserve in the late 1955. Frank's house is situated right next to the grounds, and in the early days club officials used his house to store club's essential equipment. He soon became totally involved, first with the ground improvements and maintenance, and then with organizing junior teams within the club as well as with several schools in the surrounding areas. His total commitment to the club made him the longest serving official and earned him the title "Mr Beograd" as he was known by many. The name of the ground at Woodville West was changed to Frank Mitchell park in his honour for decades of loyal service to the club and for donating his house to the club.

Team Awards

1950 Pozza Cup Winners

1955 Pozza Cup Winners

1955 Second Division Champions

1957 Advertiser Shield Winners

1959 Metropolitan B Division Champions

1967 Second Division Champions

1971 Second Division Champions

1979 First Division Champions

1979 Coca Cola Cup Winners

1980 Federation Cup Winners

1980 Ampol Cup Winners

1983 First Division Champions

1983 Federation Cup Winners

1986 West End Premier Cup Winners

1989 Second Division Champions

1993 First Division Champions

1994 State League Champions

1996 Federation Cup Winners

1996 Premier League Premiers

2005 Federation Cup Winners

Team of the 20th Century

Coaching Staff  

Zoran Matic
Bugsy Nyskohus
Rocky Aloisi

Todd Clarke
Dennis Martinello
Chris Miller (Captain)
Paul Shillabeer
Chris Harwood
Zoran Maricic
Milan Ivanovic
Bugsy Nyskohus
Adrian Santrac
Zoran Matic
Uros Zivkovic
Wally Bojczuk

Brain Welsh

Bradley Armour

John Kameleitner

Bradley Hassell

Jovan Besir

Djuro Arezina

Bill Waddelow

Dusan Rusmir

Michael Brooks

Milan Opacic

Petar Travar


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